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Friday, October 19, 2007

A Step Towards Parity

For those who are perhaps not aware of the situation, for many years the Canadian dollar was worth 0.70 - 0.90 cents to the US Dollar. Recent events in both countries have pushed the exchange rate closer to 1.035, which is great news for consumers in theory. However, many US-made goods have yet to match their prices to this new parity, video games included.

For instance, The Orange Box costs $59.99 USD at, but La Boite Orange costs $64.99 CAN at The same is true for all games; we're consistently paying 5-10% more for nothing.

It is for this reason that I salute Sony / Playstation 3 for taking the first step towards video game price parity for Canadians by matching the price on both their consoles and PSN downloads. Hopefully this move will force Microsoft and Nintendo to get their act together and price their games more fairly.

PS: Much support to my PAL brothers and sisters who have been putting up with even more ridiculously inflated prices for years.

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