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The Quixotic Engineer

Friday, July 13, 2007

Minor Update: Feedburner

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I just thought I'd mention that since Blogger has recently improved Feedburner integration, I've moved the Quixotic Engineer feed over to there. Why, you ask? Feedburner gives me a bit more control as an author, provides feedback and statistics, and has some other useful features as well.

What does mean for you? Probably not much. If you're already subscribed to this site's feed, you may or may not need to re-subscribe to the new Feedburner feed (I'm not sure). If this post has meant nothing to you, never fear, it's a minor technical matter and you can safely ignore it!

UPDATE: It turns out that redirecting my Atom feed to Feedburner was messing up my Google sitemap, which in turn was causing my pages to be indexed poorly. New subscribers to the feed will now be directed directly to Feedburner, but anyone who subsribed to the old feed will no longer be redirected. This won't actually affect what you get very much, but I just thought I'd let you know.



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