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Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Best Things in Life are Ad-Supported

Command & Conquer

I'm a big fan of things that are free: free food, freeware, free speech, free Tibet. To keep you up to date on the state of the free world, I'm happy to inform you that EA is offering a free download of the original Command & Conquer, a terrific RTS game that spawned a million sequels and spin-offs. The game comes as two .iso files, which are disk images that can be burned right onto a playable CD with software like Nero. A few simple steps, explained on their website, make the game Windows XP compatible. Did I mention it's free?

While they're not quite free, Ubisoft has kindly offered us the PC versions of Far Cry, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Rayman Raving Rabids at the reasonable cost of the game being interrupted by advertisements every once in a while. The latter two strike me as games better played on a console, but that's more than likely my own prejudice at work.

Finally, the Gears of War "Hidden Front" map pack which previously set you back 800 Microsoft points becomes free on Monday. It includes the Bullet Marsh, Garden, Process and Subway maps. 4 games and a map pack for $0 is a fine way to spend the long weekend, so happy gaming!



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